Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a lot of randomness for your wednesday

i know what it's like.

i've seen it played out a few zillion times.

you're waiting for that magical day when someone makes the connection and recognizes who you really are.

maybe they'll first catch the sparkle in your eye.

or perhaps they'll marvel at your insights and the depth of your spirit.

someone who will help you connect the dots, believe in yourself, and make sense of it all.

someone who will understand you, approve of you, and unhesitatingly give you a leg up so that life can pluck your ready, ripened self from the branch of magnificence.

well, I'm here to tell you, your wait is over.

that someone, is you.

~Mike Dooley

isn't it true though?

i was reading through one of my journals, and i found that quote.

oh how i love quotes!

i always seem to find ones that speak right to my very core. that make me want to be a better

person, and that give me the boost that i need to...

i'm pretty sure that this is my favorite saying of late.

with all the stress of an upcoming study abroad (even though i am extremely excited! is still nerve-racking and i just love to worry about stuff anyways), applying for nursing schools, dating, not dating, making friends, going to class, homework, and trying to stay sane by

cooking... i just have to remember to keep movin' on!

we had an experiment tonight... we started out with a potato soup, and just kept adding stuff from the fridge that needed to be eaten. so we ended up with a very interesting (but very yummy!) soup. and we decided we needed bread to go with it, so we hopped in the car and drove down the street to maverik to get a $1 loaf of french bread.

keep calm and carry on!

i've decided that life is ok, and stressing about stuff will only waste energy.

energy that i need! (to have awesome nacho-libre themed parties like tonight!!!)

we even made a paper-mache luchador-mask pinata!

it took serious skill.

(yes, i am the idiot that painted it... don't laugh)

oh, and i did mention we dyed our hair?

here is a picture.

of the blue.

i had to make sure to hide the hair when i went to the testing center today. they don't look too kindly on those of us who express their individuality through our choice of hair color. it does not look as good as my roommates - she is super blonde so it turned bright blue. mine looks kinda green.


i am thankful for sleep

and airbourne

and for the hours that i did not spend worrying about parties,

because hanging out with friends is always a success!

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